Dana's Experience - Early Learning Celebration

Nov 14th, 2019
By rwhelan
group gathered in a circle

How can we reflect these feelings of home community and inclusion in our Early Childhood learning environments?

When I reflect on being a part of the early learning celebration in Dufferin County many different feelings come to mind. Being welcomed by light, sound, smell and touch. A sense of community and inclusion. As a new RECE in Dufferin County, I felt like I was at home with my community. Eating as a family and being invited by other Educators to try different offerings in the Museum of Dufferin environment. Being able to explore the environment in our own way at our own speed. Having rich meaningful conversations reflecting on our journey from our everyday classrooms to a location that is full of community history and spectacular views of our community.

Dana Ness, RECE
Senior Resource Consultant, iCAN
Dufferin Child & Family Services

woman singing and drumming