Food for Thought Grant

The “Food For Thought” Grant (FFTG) program is funded by the County of Dufferin in support of registered charities or not–for-profit organizations who are providing Direct Food Services to individuals and families in Dufferin County.


The Food For Thought Grant application has been combined with the short form Community Grant Application. Headwaters Communities In Action (HCIA) will be administering the Food For Thought grant process. Questions regarding the application or process can be directed to Headwaters Communities In Action at

Direct Food Services are considered outcome-based, innovative, food nourishing programs, food access programs, and nutrition education programs that assist in the reduction of poverty and provide services to residents who are in need. The objective of the FFTG is to provide agencies with financial support (considered a grant) for food related initiatives that will promote food literacy, food access, and food security. Use of grant funds include, but are not limited to, program costs, staffing, operations, and marketing strategies, however, does not include administrative expenses.


The following criteria must be met for “Food For Thought” Grant eligibility:

  • The FFTG must fit at least one of the following three categories: 
    • Food Literacy - providing people with the information, understanding, and skills to provide healthy food for themselves and their families.
    • School & Other Nutrition Programs - promoting, educating, and allowing people to access healthy meals.
    • Sustainable Initiatives (including, and beyond conventional food bank models) - initiatives that establish a reliable supply of nutritious food and promote self-sufficiency for economically disadvantaged people.  
  • Programs must be located within Dufferin County
  • Programs must not prevent any residents of Dufferin County from accessing services, unless the program is being operated out of a local school and designed for children attending the school. 
  • Successful applicants must agree to share service outcome data if eligible for funding. At a minimum, this will include:
    • Number of persons served (increase/decrease)
    • Demographics (who was served)
    • Total hours operated for the year - how hours were impacted due to grant
    • Substantiation of how the grant was utilized/how the program benefited
    • Feedback from persons served regarding the program (client feedback or comments)
  • Request for funding must align with Dufferin County's Strategic Plan, including its Mission and Vision, and at least one of its four Strategic Priorities, which are as follows:
    • Vision
      • The Corporation of the County of Dufferin will be a leader in providing innovative, high-quality programs and services that contribute to a vibrant and connected community.
    • Mission
      • The Corporation of the County of Dufferin delivers relevant, high quality services in collaboration with the community through innovative leadership, inclusive governance, effective resource management, and ongoing evaluation
    • The County has identified the following as it’s 2021 strategic priorities:

      • Climate Action
      • Cultural Enhancement
      • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
      • Economic Development
      • Youth and Seniors Services

Completed applications can be sent to or 30 Centre Street, Orangeville ON L9W 2X1.