The County of Dufferin has Commissioners of Oath that are available to officially witness your signature.   This service includes affidavits, oaths, statutory declarations, and the certification of certain documents (must be Province of Ontario documents). 

Documents can be commissioned at the Dufferin County Administration building in Orangeville by appointment only. Please call 519.941.2816 ext 2500 to arrange an appointment. Please review the list of documents we will and will not commission below.

A Commissioner of Oath will require photo ID and all parties signing the document must be present before the Commissioner. There is no charge if you are a resident of the County, otherwise there is a fee of $50.00.  

Documents we will commission 

There is no guarantee that a document can be commissioned until it is seen by the Commissioner. 

  • County of Dufferin generated documents 

  • Domestic and foreign pension or proof of life 

  • Province of Ontario government printed forms - affidavits, oaths and statutory declarations 

  • Vehicle transfers (Ontario forms only) 


Documents we cannot commission 

More information about these services is on the province's website

  • anything specifically requiring a notary public 

  • any documents requiring the signature of a guarantor (document will note this requirement) 

  • court and/or legal documents (related to civil issues) 

  • Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (with or without a will) 

  • certified true copies 

  • custody documents 

  • divorce, separation, marriage cohabitation (living in a common-law relationship) agreements 

  • documents involving finance or debt (example: banking documents) 

  • estate settlement documents 

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Ministry of Community and Social Services Family Responsibility Office forms 

  • real estate matters (including sale, purchase and mortgages or rental lease agreement) 

  • travel affidavit - parent's permission to allow children to travel outside of the Country 

  • wills, estates and trusts 

Note: A Commissioner of Oath is not a Notary Public. Should your document require a Notary Public, please contact a private law office for assistance.